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The Dream

She could not take it any more. Her patience crumbled. All the piled up frustration, anger, expectation mixed with sadness gave way to the tears she could not control. Clutching her pillow hard, she sobbed. Moonlight streamed through the window, on her tear stricken face. The stillness of the night calmed her and the heavy eyelids drifted to sleep...

A cuckoo was singing somewhere. The gentle breeze rustled the leaves of a nearby tree. The sky had turned into a bright shade of blue, scattered with white clouds. Lying on her back, a little girl tried to make imaginary figures in the clouds with her fat little elephant dancing, teddy bears, butterfly, mountains, castles. She laughed aloud, happy in her own happiness. Peals of laughter flowed along with the breeze, creating a melody.....

The heavy eyelids opened to the morning sunshine. Birds chirped at a distance. The banyan tree next to her window, swayed to the wind. Perched on the tree, a cuckoo started a high-pitched not…

Fighting the Fear

Everything appeared serene. The bright blue sky reflected in the clear water and the sunlight made it sparkle like a bed of crystals. A cool breeze lapped against the waves, creating a soft gentle rhythm.The calmness around soothed her.

"Jump", she muttered to herself. She had always nursed a fear against the depth of the water; the fear of drowning with lungs full of water and inability to breathe. The thought troubled her. But this was just one of her fears. Fear of failure, fear of loneliness, fear of separation, fear of death...the list was long. She was afraid of the feeling of fear itself- the feeling which numbed her senses and made her insecure with hopelessness.
But today was different. She had mustered the courage to wake up with hope and choose happiness. The simple happiness to live life without getting afraid.
With a smile tugging along her lips, she took a deep breath.
She jumped to conquer her fears, to embrace the unknown with an unshaka…