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Two Idiots

She fell on her face in front of the washroom. It was lunchtime and most of her classmates were in the school corridor. Even before she could lift herself up, she heard them laugh loudly. 
"Assholes," she muttered. 
But the loudest laugh came from that small boy standing in front of their classroom. He was laughing hysterically, holding his stomach. 
"Idiot, I will complain to the teacher," she yelled at him.
"Who are you? Why do you want to speak to her?" she heard her father speaking in a demanding tone. She was in her room, studying for the semester exams in college. 
"Some boy is asking for you," her father said while handing the receiver to her. 
"Hey, you remember me?" a voice joked from the other end. It had been three years since they last met during the school days but she clearly remembered him, the small boy about whom she complained a lot to the c…