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To-Do List 2017 - An Introspection

To-Do List 2017
I never believe in new year resolutions and can not keep them anyways. But I try to maintain a to-do list in a notepad, a list of things on the personal and professional fronts that I want to achieve. I call it my own bucket list or wish list to make it sound fancy. Please do not confuse it with the wish list I send to Santa on Christmas or the bucket list of activities to do before I die. This wish list is closer to reality. For example, I remember this particular bucket list from the year 2014 when I wanted to stay on my own in a rented apartment (I was staying at a hostel before I moved into the apartment), get a driver's license and buy a two-wheeler, invite my parents for an extended stay at my place, join swimming classes, search for a job I like, and look after my finances responsibly. These wishes might sound mundane but they played an important role to boost up my confidence- the confidence to live alone, drive across the city, meet new people, and confront my inner demons. 

This makes me realize that I have not made my bucket list for quite sometime. To my utter surprise, I have spent almost a year and a half to learn to stay with a guy and to settle in a new country. No, I do not regret the time I took. But now is the time to make a new bucket list. The bucket list 2017 looks nowhere similar to the one made in 2014. A 27-year-old's wish list was poles apart from that of a nearing 30-year-old's. Sigh!!! 

  • Getting organized and managing my time well: I have never been able to stick to timelines and I hate deadlines. Obviously, it is a Herculean task for me to manage my time efficiently amid cooking, grocery, and laundry (the top three least favorite chores). So, I am aiming to steal away some quality time everyday to read, blog, paint, and talk to my parents and friends. And yes, I want to minimize the last-minute chaos in my life. 
  • Following a healthy routine: A brisk morning jog or swimming have always been a part of my day. So have been the late night movies, skipped breakfasts and weekend celebrations with beer. I am working on waking up early after a good eight hours sleep, followed by a heavy breakfast. And the morning jogs have now transformed into long evening walks. While I can't assure myself of "beerless" weekends, I am planning to cut down my alcohol intake significantly. 

  • Learning something new and completing some unfinished tasks: "Do one thing everyday that scares you." I need to learn driving a four-wheeler and get a driver's license. I am planning to work as a volunteer for the local library. On the professional front, I wish to learn coding and get enrolled in a course (this is particularly scary for me given my non-technical background). Also, I plan to work diligently on my website.

This bucket list demands some major lifestyle changes from me. Let's see how far I succeed. Wish me luck :) 

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